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Most 7l bag filter bag filter must winemaking

Most 7l bag filter bag filter must winemaking

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filter bag

7 liters

Material: pure cotton

4 tabs to hang


The bag can also be affordable as an alternative

serve a fruit press / juicer.


suitable for

     * Juice of crushed fruit
     * Filtration of must or mash


Filter bag to hang on one or Gäreimer

Combination with a hopper (funnel can cram into one Gärballon)


to hang up (available in our funnel) through the funnel.


For a better yield of juice from the crushed

Fruits we recommend anti-gelling agent (available from us)

This enzyme preparation is a means to facilitate and

Improving the juice of crushed fruit.

The subsequent clarification of wine or juice is with

Weinklärmittel (available from us) facilitated.


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